Ramshambo Rules

Special Guest Referee

Loser Leaves EWA Match

Canadian Strap Match

Handicap Match

Superkick Match

Hospital Match

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Gauntlet Match

Battle of The Big Man Match

Justice Match

Iron Man Match

Rooftop Rumble Match

Backstreet Brawl

Strap Match

Submission Match

Ambulance Match

Straight Jacket  Match

Stable Warfare

Barbed Wire Board of Education Match

Boxing Match

Pit Fight

Hardcore Theater Match

Spin The Wheel Match

Respect Match

Chinesse Finger Trap Match

Cape on a Poll Match

Texas Tornado Match

Old School Grudge Match

Special Challenge Match

Slaughter House

Battle Royal

Trademark Belt on a Poll

Mall Match

Lime Light Bar Fight

Strip Club Match

Four Briefcases on a Poll Match

Flag on a Poll Match

Bra and Panties Mud Match

Spanking Match


Seven Minutes of Hell

Last Ride Match

Play Pen Match

SlaughterHouse Lumberjack Match

All Hallows Eve Match

Final Moments Match

Ego Check Match

Trick or Treat Match

Freeway Match

Shoot Fight Match

Prom Dress Match

Exploding Jack in the Box Match

Parking Lot Plate Glass Window Match

Over the Top Rope Battle Royal

Iron Man Match

Subway Ride to Hell

Junkyard Match

Breakdown Match

Most Blood Texas Tornado Tag Team Match

Super Short Tournament

Elimination by Choice Handicap Tag Match

Into the Light Match

Touch of Hell Match

Last Man Standing Desert Match

Mexican Strap Match

Ice Breaker Match

Anarchy Rules Street Fight

Razorwire Nest Match

Kings Of Hollywood Match

Cable Guy Match

Iron Man Lumberjack Match

King of the Ocean Match

King of the Beach Match

Pit of Hell Match

Subway Ride to Hell-Best Three of Five Falls

Hearst Match

Ultimate Submission Iron Man Match

Contract on a Poll Match

Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal Match

City Match

Hart Dungeon Submission Match

Open Invitational $1,000,000 Ultimate X Challenge

Ultimate X Match

Royal Rumble

School House Brawl

Open Contract Match

Scorpion Pit Match

Sand Fight

No Signs of Life Match

Canteen on a Pole Match

Over The Top Match

Birds of Prey Match

Pitfall Match

Punch Drunk Match

Iron Man Match

Put Up or Shut Up Match

First Ever Sick and Tired Match

First Man Drowning Match

Ultimate Gimmick Match

Tap Out Bitch Match

Weapons Of Carnage Match

5000 Feet Fall and its Your Ass

Blood In, Blood Out Match

Parking Lot Brawl

Stocking Stuffers Match

Ball Dropping Match

Powerbomb Match

NWA Old School Rules Match

Til Death Due Us Part

Four Corners Flag Match

Bare Beach BeatDown

Grilled Grappler Match

Game of 2-On-2 Basketball Arch-Rival Rules

Triathon Match