I Quit Match

Most Blood Match

Texas Death Match

Casket Match

Lumberjack Match

Philly Street Fight

Last Man Standing Match

Flaming Casket Match

No Holds Barred

Barbed Wire Match

Extreme Brawl

Barbed Wire Singapore Cane Match

Hardcore Match

Texas Street Fight

Boiler Room Brawl

Coal Chamber Match

Barbed Wire Hell

Singapore Cane on a Poll Match

Explosion Match

Scaffold Match

Extreme Death Match

Anything Goes Match

Brass Knuckles Match

Bat Match

Inferno Match

Buried Alive Match

Electrocution Match

Bar Fight

Hardcore Handicap

Weapon of Choice Match

Lights Out Match

House of Pain Match

Musical Chairs Match

Strange Bedfellows Match

Flame Thrower Match

Barbed Wire Match

Alaskan Street Fight

Electrified Barbed Wire Match

Iron Man Falls Count Anywhere Match

Pure Hell

EBW Backyarders Match

Heavy Metal Match

Sledgehammer Match

Singapore Cane vs Sledgehammer Match

Objects on a Poll Match

Good House Keeping Match

New York City Street Fight

Flaming 2x4 Barbed Wire Last Man Standing Match

Barbed Wire Cross Match

Musical Chairs

Last Man Sitting Match

Bullrope Match

Guiding Light Match

Boot Camp Match

Flaming Barbed Wire Japanesse Death Match

Barbed Wire Scaffold Match

Dumpster Match

Boston Brawl

Coffin Match

TaiPei Death Match

Bed of Nails Match

Trick Boxes Match

Oddities Weapons Match

Glass F'N Mania

Sub Way's Law Match

Spiked Chair Match
Japanese Death Match

Turnbuckles Replaced by Cactus

Brahma Bull Strap Match

Barbed Wire Musical Chairs Match

Barbed Wire Death Match

Barbed Wire Ropes Match

Skulls and Bones Match

Ultimate Violence Match

Trick or Treat Match

Denver Street Fight

Triple Box Surprise

Space Mountain No Holds Barred Match

Extreme Crucification Match

Slobberknocker Match

Barbed Wire Madness

Bowery Brawl

All Bets Are Off

Grid Iron Match

Barbwire Exploding Musical Chairs Lumberjack Bed of Nails Death 3 Falls Match

Hardcore Warfare

Extreme Dual Crucifixion Match

Fighting Irish Match

London Bridge is Falling Down

Fighting Irish Match

Chinese Finger Trap Death Match

Lights of Christmas Match

Death by Thumbtacks

Barbs and Chains Match

Scalp Hunters

Armed Forces Match

Lighting of the Torch Match

Subway's Open Brawl Challenge

Pumpkin Patch Match

Flames of Fury Match

Presents Around The Tree Match

Smashing Caskets Match

Ozone Park Match

Death Match

Scaffolding Barbed Wire Tables Match

Branding Iron Match

Three Stages of Hell

Extreme Rules

Dumpster Match

Dog Collar Match

Clock Work Orange House of Fun Match

Bring Your Own Weapon Match

Crucifixion Match

Mean Streets of Greenwich Street Fight

Razor Wire EveryWhere Match

Best 2 of 3 Falls Last Man Standing Match

Ravens Rule